Matcha Green Tea Powder and Leaves

We are a specialty Japanese matcha green tea store.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Store Ochadokoro Sanwa

Terms of Use

Settlement of the bill within 10 days after your order will be appreciated.
When you make a T/T remittance, please pay also for the bank transfer fee.

We will be ready to ship your order within 1 week after confirmation of your payment.

We will send our products by EMS,SAL or Takkyubin(Takkyubin is a domestic delivery in Japan).
The total shipping weight includes contents, tare, gift box, shipping carton, etc.

Some accessories have no commercial value.

Any tax, any duty and other expenses incurred outside Japan to be paid by the customers.

All sales are final(N0 REFUND/NO EXCHANGE).

Ochadokoro Sanwa Terms and Conditions


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Terms of Use

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Warranties, Returns and Refund Policy

All products are sold on an “as-is, where-is” basis. All products sold are considered final sale and will not be eligible for return/ exchange/ refund regardless of the circumstances.

Delivery and Shipping

All products will be ready for shipping within 1 week after confirmation of payment. Products will be sent via EMS, SAL or Takkyubin (Japan’s domestic delivery service). The total shipping weight is inclusive of the products, tare, gift box packaging, shipping cartons, etc. Please take note that some accessories do not have any commercial value. Japan Post is only responsible for shipment of products from Japan to user’s country custom, from there on, the user has to bear all liability and liaise with his/her country’s postal system. In the event that products are damaged while in transit with Japan Post, refund of products under the net price of ¥200,000 will be insured. Shipping fees are strictly non-refundable.

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