Matcha Green Tea Powder and Leaves

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Matcha Grade No.3(Usucha)

net:30g (gross weight:75g)

Matcha in a small canister
This is the most popular Matcha in my shop.

After harvest, tea leaves for Matcha go through
(1) steaming, (2) drying, and (3) grinding with a stone mill.
The highest grade Matcha is the brightest green
and has the most sweet and mellow flavor,
without any hint of bitterness,
such as our Grade No.1 and Grade No.2.
Lower quality Matcha is less green
and more yellow and the flavor is less mellow.
Matcha is special because since it is ground into
a powder and completely dissolved in water
when brewed, you drink the whole constituents of the tea leaves
and ingest all of the healthful nutrients
without throwing away the leaves as one does
with Sencha and Gyokuro.

Item Number0003
Item NameMatcha Grade No.3(Usucha)
Price1,310 YEN

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