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We are a specialty Japanese matcha green tea store.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Store Ochadokoro Sanwa

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Matcha set Sencha set

Matcha set

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Matcha is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. The taste of high grade Matcha is smooth and mellow, and not at all bitter. High grade Matcha is a bright color of green.
The most famous matcha-producing regions are Uji in Kyoto. And our matcha is the matcha of Uji.
Matcha is made from shade-grown(Ooishita tea field) tea leaves also used to make Gyokuro. And this tea leaves are also covered with a special shade(Yoshizu and Wara) to block out sunlight.

You can feel Japanese tradition [WABI] [SABI]
This is all you need to enjoy your tea time with Japanese tea (Matcha).
This is set of Matcha (Usucha) 30g, Tea (Matcha) cup, and Bamboo whisk.
How to make the perfect cup of matcha

Matcha (Usucha) 30g Tea (Matcha) cup Bamboo whisk
Matcha (Usucha) 30g Tea (Matcha) cup Bamboo whisk
Usual price: 4990 Japanese Yen
Set pricing: 3990 Japanese Yen

Sencha set

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Sencha is a common Japanese green tea. The fresh, grassy aroma of its young leaves and its deep, rich flavor mark the two distinguishing characteristics of this representative Japanese tea.
And we will recommend this tea (Tama-ryokucha) as the first trial.
Because as Tama-ryokucha is a really fine flavory tea, you can enjoy your tea time.

You can try to drink Japanese green tea without circumstance.
This set is Tea pot and Tea leaf(150g) in the tea canister.
Please enjoy your Japanese tea time!
How to make the perfect cup of sencha

Tea leaf(150g) Tea canister Tea pot
Tea canister Tea leaf(150g) Tea pot
Usual price: 3990 Japanese Yen
Set pricing: 2990 Japanese Yen