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We are a specialty Japanese matcha green tea store.

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Macha experience| Try Casual matcha at Hotel Okura KOBE

We specialize in supplying the finest Japanese teas.
Enjoy high quality powder and leaf teas from Japan anywhere in the world.
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July 01, 2022
Our shop open in Hotel Okura Kobe.When you come to Japan by all means please visit my store.
Jan. 01, 2021
A Happy New Year!! We have nothing but appreciation to all healthcare professionals out there. Now, There are some area we can’t send our products by EMS(Our shipping company), yet.
Due to the effects of the coronavirus. Before you make order, please inquiry us. Thank you.
Apr. 01, 2020
The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused many countries/territories to take measures such as stopping acceptance of inbound postal items as well as considerable suspension and reduction of flights from/to Japan. Accordingly, our transportation performance has significantly declined. Therefore, acceptance of international mail items, mainly EMS and parcel-post/letter-post items by air and SAL, will be temporarily suspended from April 2.
Jan. 01, 2018
A happy new year!!
Aug. 27, 2017
We have the special holiday from 29 Aug., 2017 to 01 Sep., 2017.
Jan. 1, 2017
A Happy New Year!!
Apr. 1, 2016
We will not be able to accept your order from Apr. 1, to Apr. 5. 2016
Nov. 27, 2012
We are sorry, But our paypal site is non-usable, now. We will recovery soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Mar. 11, 2012
One year have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are now hoping for their early recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. And thank you for your order on our donate product. We got 12 order about them in one year. We will make a donation part of the profits from sales for the disaster areas through Japanese Red Cross Society.
Feb. 21, 2012
We display and sell our green tea or Matcha cookie in Salon de Agriculture in Paris from 25 Feb., to 4 Mar., 2012.
June 24, 2011
The Shizuoka Prefectural Government conducted tests for radioactivity on tea produced in Shizuoka prefecture. Research on first harvest fresh tea leaves and brewed tea tests revealed that radioactivity values fell below the provisional regulation values enforced by the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan and the Food Sanitation Act of Japan. With regard to the first harvest of processed tea produced in Shizuoka prefecture, tests conducted on June 7 and 9 in 19 locations determined that radioactivity levels did not exceed the regulatory values. (by Shizuoka Prefecture web site). Actually, there are not many, but we sell some Shizuoka green tea (Kawane-cha). Other green tea are almost Kyoto or Kyushuu area's. And then, of course our Shizuoka's wholesaler checked the test about them. And we got a message they are no problem. So please do not worry about that.
June 17, 2011
I'm sorry for the inconvenience I've caused you.
But, payment system halt!! From 3:00PM to 3:30PM in Japan time temporarily
, today
May 27, 2011
I'm sorry for the inconvenience I've caused you.
But, payment system halt!! From 3:00PM to 3:30PM in Japan time temporarily
, today.
Mar. 23, 2011
We express their heartfelt sympathy to the victims.
On March 11 at 2:46pm JST a massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred near the northeastern coast of Japan, creating extremely destructive tsunami waves which hit Japan just minutes after the earthquake, and triggering evacuations and warnings across the Pacific Ocean. The earthquake and tsunami have caused extensive and severe damage in Northeastern Japan, leaving over thousands of people confirmed dead, injured or missing, and millions more affected by lack of electricity, water and transportation.
We live in Kobe. So we experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Kobe.
We are not big company, but we would like to see if there is any way in which one can be of help
We will make a donation part of the profits from sales for the disaster areas through Japanese Red Cross Society.
The target securitie(Matcha Grade No.5) is free shipping.
And we are going to donate a part of the profits from sales to needy people.
So if you are OK, please order this with your another order products.
We will inform you about the charity on this web site.

Thank you.

Feb. 6, 2011

Valentine's Day!! How about matcha chocolate?
From 20 Oct.

For a limited time(From 20 Oct., 2010 to 10 Jan., 2011), we are offering free shipping for all orders over 10000JPY by Paypal.
Sep. 14, 2010

Why don't you try to eat our Matcha soft cream?
Mar. 1, 2010
We will open our new store in north area of Kobe on Mar. 27, 2010!!
Feb. 5, 2010
Happy Valentine's Day!! How about our Matcha chocolate?
Jan. 12, 2010
We will put our Matcha cookie and KOBE Matcha Green Tea at the fair of Jiuguang Department Store of Shanghai(久光百貨店), China on Feb. 5 ~ Feb. 7, 2010.
Jan. 1, 2010
A Happy New Year!! We are look forward to continuing progress in this New Year.
Dec. 7, 2009
New!! Organic green tea & Gold tea
Dec. 1, 2009

Next year, it is VISIT JAPAN Year 2010 in Japan.
And Japan National Tourist Organization embark on a campaign.
Of course, we would like to participate this VISIT JAPAN CAMPAIGN.
Now, our store is participating in the WINTER CAMPAIGN.
When you visit to KINKI (Hyogo) in Japan, please come to our Japanese green tea store.
And before you visit to Japan, please download the coupon.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you!!
Nov. 30, 2009
New Tableware!!
Nov. 23, 2009
New sweets(candy & candy)!!
Nov. 21, 2009

Now, our matcha cookies are sold at B1 floor of SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI ( 12 Nov. - 29 Nov., 2009).
Taiwanese, please don't miss it on this chance!!
Matcha cookie is really tasty and the package is really good!!
Nov. 14, 2009
Oct. 21, 2009
Thank you for waiting. Matcha chocolate will be on sale from today!!
Oct. 20, 2009
Our matcha cookie will be sold at SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI in Taiwan. (12 Nov. - 29 Nov., 2009)
Oct. 16, 2009
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan has chosen our products (Matcha cookie& Matcha green tea) as article at an exhibition for SIA2010 in Paris
Oct. 8, 2009
New Item!! (Tea canister)
Sep. 5, 2009
Sep. 21 is Respect for the Aged Day in Japan.敬老の日(Keiro no hi) Green tea will be excellent gifts for that day.
Aug. 29, 2009
We are offering for a limited time only at the following shop.
地域力宣言2009 in ranKing ranQueen
Sep.3,~16,2009(KOBE Matcha Green Tea)
地域力宣言2009 in RELUCK
Sep.3,~30,2009(Matcha cookie in the drawstring bag・KOBE Matcha Green Tea)
Aug. 17, 2009
We would like to inform you that our holiday break is from Aug. 18 to Aug. 19, 2009
Aug. 7, 2009
Event!! Shake Shake Cold Matcha!! How to make:
1. Please put in the matcha green tea(3g) in the stainless bottle.
And pour in water or hot water at body temperature(200ml).
2. Please fasten the cap on the bottle tightly.
3. Please shake and shake!!
4. Please put some ice in the bottle until full.
Jul. 13, 2009
There is nothing better than drinking cold matcha on a hot day. Please check how to make it!!
Jul. 01, 2009
Our Matcha cookie elected as 「40 Export Promising Processed Foods Recognized by the World」of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan"WASHOKU-Try Japan's Good Food"
Jun. 21, 2009
Arrival of new goods!!
May 25, 2009
Father's Day is on June 21 in Japan. How about green tea gift set?
May 19, 2009
Please check the web site. (Link of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)
May 5-6, 2009
We will go to Tokyo!!The event of NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION. We will bring our Matcha cookie.
Apr. 17, 2009
Arrival of the first tea of the season!!
Apr. 12, 2009
Mother's day is almost here. We recommend you "Trial Matcha set"(No charge for wrapping! Please tell us with your order.)
Mar. 17, 2009
Arrival of New tea pots!!
Feb. 20, 2009
Our Matcha cookie got the Great Britain Prize in the Visit Japan Campaign 2009 food contest.
The Matcha cookie will be available at Japan's two major airports -Narita, Kansai international - from May 2009.
Feb. 1, 2009
Valentine’s Day Special! You can select your wrapping paper.
Jan. 1, 2009
Happy New Year!
Dec. 21, 2008
New products! Oofuku-cha and Onenga-cha.
They are the special green tea leaf for a new year!
Dec. 1, 2008
Free gift campaign extended!
Receive a free Japanese tea pot with every order over 10000JPY.
Nov. 1, 2008
New special offer:
Receive a free Japanese tea pot with every order over 10000JPY.
Nov. 1, 2008
English site launched!
What's your cup of tea?
leaf If you want rich green tea with full flavor, try Matcha or Sencha Fukamushi.
Matcha Sencha Fukamushi
leaf If you want smooth and mellow sweet grassy green tea, try Gyokuro or Matcha.
Gyokuro Matcha
leaf If you want brisk, refreshing tea with a yellow green color, try Sencha.
leaf If you want tea to serve with sushi, try Sencha or Konacha.
Sencha Konacha
leaf If you like black tea, try Hoji-cha. Hoji-cha
leaf If you like coffee or a roasted grain flavor, try Genmaicha or Genmaicha with Matcha.
Genmaicha Genmaicha with Matcha
leaf If you want tea low in caffeine, try Genmaicha, Hoji-cha.
Genmaicha Hoji-cha
leaf If you want to enjoy genuine Japanese tea without teapot at your office, or on a trip, and so on, try powdered tea.
powdered tea
leaf If you want healthy tea - ALL of our green teas are very healthy and have a wide variety of vitamins and other nutrients.
What's your cup of tea? END

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